“Never Think Dream is Only a Dream”

~ Li Lok Yin, Clarence

Cantonese-Mandarin Music Production and Cultural Sharing Club is a club at the University of Waterloo formed in 2020. We produce Cantonese and Mandarin music and share this culture around the world starting in Waterloo, ON. We also do covers and remix songs. We have the same idea with the organization of Dreamaker Music Production Group which they are supporting our production.

          The club is formed by various groups specifically with different professions, including filming crew, music production crew, acting crew, and the crew who hides behind the scene. We are looking for people with a heart of passion that could help us achieve the goal of creating the melody of tracks, lyrics writing, filming music videos and more! In addition, we also hold various gatherings of social culture sharing events that connect people together well. Overall, we are extremely proud of our members and will be hyped and welcoming to our new members in the future.